Monday, 19 September 2011

Who's charming who

The serpent awoke and descended from the high canopy to the deep green undergrowth, luxuriating in the dense heat of the enclosed atmosphere below and then the cool water that dripped from leaves onto his scales. He was drawn by distant sounds, unfamiliar but irresistible, faint but hypnotic. The ground beneath his belly was soft with rotting leaves and it rustled with life. Not hunting, just following the sound he travelled towards the river. He wanted so much to find the source of the music, but instinct still held sway and he was cautious. He slithered stealthily into a tree by the clearing. Below him the naked woman was toying with his kin. Smaller than he, and more foolhardy, they gambolled and writhed around her limbs as she played. The rhythm increased and their bodies became entangled, but she was still waiting. And then she saw him, and struck a long wavering note that vibrated through his very soul. He could no longer resist. Her eyes, black and shining, drew him towards her as she wove her magic music around them both. She held out a hand, pointed to the tree and whispered a single word,

(Linking back to Magpie Tales Number 83, The Snake Charmer)


  1. Tess is absolutely right ... this sizzled!!

  2. oo it was not the serpent but the woman that...oh wait you mean man is the snake...hmm..lovely textures to this...

  3. Very sensual, and a whole new interpretation of an Old Story. Well done.

  4. This is superbly clever! Bravo!

    Anna :o]