Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fridge poetry

The trouble with magnetic fridge poetry sets is that the choice of vocabulary almost forces you to write in a certain way. Some words leap out at you (like 'breast' and 'chocolate') and just demand to be used. And some have obviously been included to complement each other. Some words are annoying in their absence. So I have a go at writing 100 words ... and this is what I come up with:
Creature left me the following message in the middle of the night:
So this morning while my tea brewed it became this, by a process of mere word substitution, still 100 words:


  1. I like this/these very much.

    I have the 'genius' and 'garden' sets of fridge poetry ... it's all ripe juggernaut protuberances with me. Haven't touched it for ages... I am inspired to now!

  2. Good use of magnetic poetry - I agree with you though, you're definitely constrained by the words in the kit....